Shawn PhalenMy appreciation, love and joy for art started early. My parents, both avid art collectors, exposed me to paintings, drawings, and classical sculpture at a very young age. Toting me and my sister along to galleries, antique stores, and art museums. Little did I know that this early exposure to the arts, would be what I needed to breathe the life back into me later on in my life.

My painting career began just as I felt my world was falling apart. I found myself divorced, feeling devastated and lost. Painting became a form of meditation. It was a way for me to have hope and the promise of a new start, I was able to focus on creating canvases that were full of life and color.

I am a versatile artist painting in oil and acrylic. Painting has been a life time passion. My ability to paint in mixed media and experiment with textures and bold colors brings a sense of excitement to those who view my work. My self-expression comes out in all of my pieces. All of my work is done on canvas. My portfolio is diverse, from abstract to realism, to landscapes, still life, and plein air. Many of my pieces are commissioned and can be found in homes across the nation. All of my pieces are original, working from small scale to large scale, always capturing a true sense of my love for color and the beauty I see in nature.

I have been so blessed to have had amazing instructors who have guided me, and who have provided a wealth of knowledge. My hope and goal is to have my customers view my art and feel inspired and excited.